How to Make Your AC Last Longer

Getting the most value out of an air conditioner, especially during the torrid months of summer, not only offers great comfort but also ends up saving consumers a good deal of money over the life of the appliance. Generally, handling it in this manner will provide at least a decade of relief, with the maximum length topping out at approximately 15 years.

Easy Steps to Take

Like anything else, having routine HVAC maintenance of an AC unit conducted is one of the cornerstones of this philosophy. A homeowner can take steps to make regular checks of the surrounding area, including clearing a few feet around that unit to make sure that cool air flows freely from it.

Making sure to check the outdoor portion for potential blockages is also another easy step that will take only a short period of time. This means checking for grass cuttings that may have made their way into the unit or seasonal concerns like pollen or leaves that can have a detrimental effect on its operation.

For individuals or family members with allergies or respiratory conditions, this can be very important when it comes to avoiding trips to the doctor or simple quality of life issues.

Focus on the Filter

The filter inside an AC unit will protect a home from having all kinds of debris sent into the home as the cool air flows. Not surprisingly, having this invaluable protective cover means that the filter will collect a good deal of dirt in a relatively short period of time. A good rule of thumb is to have that filter replaced on a quarterly basis over the course of a year.

Cleaning Coils

Another dirt magnet are the coils that play a key role in keeping things cool. These need to be cleaned regularly or the possibility of mold growth inside is a distinct possibility. In some cases, those coils can be frozen due to the poor airflow that exists.

Getting Things Fixed

Even with all of this attention paid to the both the air conditioning unit, it’s inevitable that HVAC repair will be required at some point. This is because issues develop that just can’t be detected by a homeowner who isn’t familiar with all the nuances of a system.

That’s why the need for regular maintenance is so important, since this vigilance will literally pay off for a homeowner or business. By being able to detect the early stages of a problem, the issue can be immediately addressed by an HVAC professional.

The end result is that what could turn into an expensive repair in which a unit or furnace might need to be completely replaced instead becomes some much less expensive immediate fixes.

A Simple Step

Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance for an air conditioner is the easiest way to keep your cool and something that will help soften the blow that comes when HVAC repair is needed.

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